Sunday, April 10, 2011

My extreme couponing week

I took 3 days... yes I know that is a lot, but with my car situation that is the best I could do. I have no pictures from the 1st day. I totally forgot to take them. Sorry. I do have pictures from the last 2 other then the VERY last trip that my husband took. I forgot to take a pictures. I did put the groceries away so hey.. I did that. LOL!

5 transactions at Walgreens. Not all at the same time though so don't get too worried. We have 2 Walgreens in town as well.  Both stores the check out personal couponed so they were patient and one even got me a deal I did not know about!

I rolled my RR between the Herbal Essences (2RR) and the Colgate Toothpaste($3RR)

$3.50 H/E Conditioner
$3.50 H/E Conditioner
$.39 Cadbury Egg
MFG Coupon BOGO $3.23
Used my $3RR
Total was $1.57
$2.99 Colgate TP
$. 39 Cadbury Egg
Used $2RR and $.75 MFG coupon
Total $.81
$3.50 H/E Shampoo
$3.50 H/E Shampoo
$.39 Cadbury Egg
MFG Coupon BOGO $3.23
Used my $3RR
Total was $1.57#4
$2.99 Colgate TP
$. 39 Cadbury Egg
Used $2RR and $.75 MFG coupon
Total $.81
$3.50 H/E Conditioner
$3.50 H/E Conditioner
$.39 Cadbury Egg
MFG Coupon BOGO $3.23
Used my $3RR
Total was $1.57
I saved $26.79
Total Spent was $6.33 for 2 Colgate and 6 HE Shampoo/Conditioner.

not so great, but hey I was basically looking for tomorrow. :-)

$2.58x4 Beechnut Yogurt Nibblers
$.33x2 Frigo String Cheese
used MFG coupon
$1.00x4 Beechnut Yogurt Nibblers
$.40x2 Frigo String Cheese
Saved $4.80
$6.18 total OOP

Friday -
My good hauls I worked on all week.. and pictures 

$2.66x3 M&M Pretzel
$.99x6 Chocolate Peeps
$.99x4 Skittles boxes
I used
$1.00x4 TQ
$.50x3 MFG for Skittles
$1.00x6 MFG
Total OOP $7.20
Saved $12.49

Pick N Save

$2.49x13 One Beyond Cat Food
Used 13 $3/1 coupon
Oop $1.78 (tax)
Saved $32.37

Walgreens - 
I have 4 messed up transactions. Posting them first because they were oops. Partially my fault, partially the store because they had a tag still up from last week and I forgot to use my coupons. Oops. I am obviously still learning.  I again rolled my RR between the HE and Colgate like the day before.

$2.99 Colgate toothpaste
$.39 Cadbury Egg
$2 RR
$.70 Wags discounts
$2.00 MFG
Saved $2.70
Total Oop $1.56
Forgot my coupon for the TP. GRRR

Did this one 2 times without coupons. UGH WHY?????
$2.99 Colgate TP
$. 39 Cadbury Egg
Used $2RR

Total $1.56

 I did this one 2 times
$1.29x2 Colgate Wisks
Toms of Maine toothpaste $1.19
Used 2RR
Total $.82
Saved $5.30
Forgot to use my wisk coupons UGH!

$2.99 Colgate TP
$. 39 Cadbury Egg
Used $2RR and $.75 MFG coupon
Total $.81

$.39 Cadbury Egg
$.50x4 Snicker Egg
$2.99 Colgate
$1.49 Puffs
$1.00x2 MFG Candy
$.50 MFG Puffs
$.75 MFG Toothpaste
$.50 Wags
$2.00 RR
$1.47 OOP
Saved $6.45

Did this deal 5 times

$3.50 H/E Conditioner
$3.50 H/E Conditioner
$.39 Cadbury Egg
MFG Coupon BOGO $3.23
Used my $3RR
Total was $1.57

Walmart -
I saved the best for last.

$3.00 2 inch binder
$1.68x4 Eggs
$1.72 NYC nail polish
$.93  NYC nail polish
$1.00x4 Snicker Egg
$1.00x4  M&M Eggs
$2.00x4 Wonka Easter Jelly Beans
$2.50x2 Jello Temptations
$2.00 Orv's Pizza
$2.00x4 Chocolate Cross
$1.00x2 French Mustard
$5.24 Connect 4 game
$1.50 Infusion Shampoo
$1.50 Clear Duck Tape
$.58 yogurt
$2.50x2 Creme Egg
$2.50 Carmel Egg
I used these coupons:
$5x5 Hershey's Candy
Free Yogurt
$2/1 Infusion Shampoo
$3/1 Connect 4 game
$.50/1x2 Mustard
Free Orv's Pizza
Free Jello Temptations
$1/1 Jello Temptations
$1.50/2 x2 NYC nails
$1/1 x4 Eggs
$1/1x4 Snicker Eggs
$1/1x4 M&M Eggs
$1/2 Wonka Jelly Beans
$.55/1x2 Wonka Jelly Beans
$63.55 Total before coupons  
$11.97 Total OOP
I had to get the manager to come over and ok the purchase and I had quite the crowd at the end... everyone kept asking me... have you seen the extreme coupon show. Um.. no I have never seen it sorry. I just did all my Easter Candy shopping this week. I had been collecting all my Easter candy coupons for about a month. I am done and ready for Easter now. hehehe.

Saturday - 3 trips to Pick N Save because they had double days that you could double 10 coupons. I also learned you only had to spend $25 BEFORE coupons. That made it easier and I think I want to do it again. I thought it was after. That is way too hard for me to do. Before is easy... I do not have a picture of the last one because my husband did the run and I forgot until a few minutes ago.  The buy 6 Kelloggs, $10 off, and 2 gallons of milk was also part of the deal.

$1.69x9 Kens
$2.25x8 Ore-Ida Potatoes
$1x9 $10/10 Birdseye  Broccoli & green beans
$3.19x2 Corn Flakes
$3.34x4 Kripix
$1 BBQ sauce
$1/3x3 Birdseye
$1x3 cereal
$1/2 Ora Ida potatoes
$1/1 Kens
$14 PnS coupon
Savings $74.27 Oop $24.12

#2 - 
not pictured is the milk. I forgot
$3.19x2 Corn Flakes
$3.79x2 Raisin Bran
$2.89x2 Cinnabon
$3.79x3 Crunchy Nut
$3.49x3 Berry Filled
$1.88x7 Classico Pasta sauce
$1.00x6 Birdseye Peas
$1.00x3 Birdseye Green Beans
$3.59x2 Roundy Chocolate Milk
$1 String Cheese

Coupons used
$3.59x2 milk coupons
$1/3x3 Birdseye Veggies
$1x7 Classico Pasta
$24 PnS coupon
$1/1x2 Berry Filled cereal
$1/2x5 Cereal
Saved $69.25
Oop $13.74

3@$.66 Mac N Shells
3@$1.45 Hormel Chili
3@3.59 Ken's Dressing
18 @ 10/$10  Birdseye Steamers
2 @ $10/10 Freshlike Veggies
$1.99 Jumbo Turkey Hot Dogs
$1/1 Kens
$1/3 Birdeye
$.50/1x2 Freshlike
Saved $42.55
Payed $14.30

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