Sunday, February 20, 2011

Couponing 2/18-19

I have not done it very often. Mostly because I simply am too lazy to try to line up coupons for the ads and I also don't like to buy pre-packaged food.  But it is cheap and my husband likes it. He does not care if I make it from white or wheat. So in an attempt to make do with less I am going to try using coupons etc to be more frugal.

My Piggly Wiggly run #1
3# onions
1 dozen eggs
4 bags chex mix
2 bags gardetto
1 pkg american cheese
2 rolls cinnamon rolls
4 boxes totinos pizza rolls
4 boxes gogurts

Saved $29.66 with coupons and I spent only $14.71

My Piggly Wiggly #2

4 boxes fruit snacks
10 bags chex mix
1 dozen eggs
6 rolls cinnamon rolls
8 boxes pizza rolls
4 boxes gogurt
7 boxes pies (dh's contribution for being dragged shopping. LOL!)

Saved $51.47 without coupons and I spent $27.18

Saved the best for last:

Pick N Save (rainbow foods)
I went on Saturday when I was able to use double coupons.  I also did 2 other bargins. I bought 24 boxes of cereal. Every 6 boxes I received a $10 discount. I spent $20 on GM so I received a $10 gas refund. And I also received coupons for 4 gallons of milk and 4 dz eggs.  Everything I bought I used coupons for.

24 boxes of cereal
2 jars pasta sauce
12 boxes pasta sauce
2 dz eggs

I saved $73.83, but I spent only $34.70

I wish I had taken a picture of everything I bought. It looks like more then that list does!  To put into perspective 24 boxes of cereal... think 2 rubber made tubs.  Since I am just starting out on the couponing thing I am not set up to do pictures. I will try to do it next time. Which won't be this week! LOL!

Breakfast meals

I have been working on cooking them for over a week. These are the recipes I choose....

Breakfast pizza
Breakfast burritos

I did not change the recipes much.  Other then the Mocha muffins. I used a Mocha mix instead of the instant coffee, powdered milk, sugar, and creamer etc.  I also used turkey instead of chicken in the quiche. I was given a turkey in our Christmas box.  So many of my chicken meals will be made from Turkey this time around.  

I will be making more meals this next week. My goal is to do the rest of my meals in the next week.  Then no more cooking for 2 months.  I enjoy OAMC. I can sit back and enjoy life and not worry about cooking EVERY SINGLE day.

Taking a break to survive.

Taking a break from cooking. That is what I did. Not intentionally. It just happened. Survival mode kicked in.  Not sure I will ever get back to cooking like I did either. That part of my life, along with many other things, is over. I don't really care if I ever cook much again. The motivation is no longer there. Cooking good food for my family is something I do because it is what I believe is the right thing to do. I can coupon and buy things for way less then I can make them so why bother anymore? We still eat.  That is all that matters right now... surviving.

So this blog will still have recipes etc., but it will also share my shopping deals. ie coupons.

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