Sunday, February 20, 2011

Couponing 2/18-19

I have not done it very often. Mostly because I simply am too lazy to try to line up coupons for the ads and I also don't like to buy pre-packaged food.  But it is cheap and my husband likes it. He does not care if I make it from white or wheat. So in an attempt to make do with less I am going to try using coupons etc to be more frugal.

My Piggly Wiggly run #1
3# onions
1 dozen eggs
4 bags chex mix
2 bags gardetto
1 pkg american cheese
2 rolls cinnamon rolls
4 boxes totinos pizza rolls
4 boxes gogurts

Saved $29.66 with coupons and I spent only $14.71

My Piggly Wiggly #2

4 boxes fruit snacks
10 bags chex mix
1 dozen eggs
6 rolls cinnamon rolls
8 boxes pizza rolls
4 boxes gogurt
7 boxes pies (dh's contribution for being dragged shopping. LOL!)

Saved $51.47 without coupons and I spent $27.18

Saved the best for last:

Pick N Save (rainbow foods)
I went on Saturday when I was able to use double coupons.  I also did 2 other bargins. I bought 24 boxes of cereal. Every 6 boxes I received a $10 discount. I spent $20 on GM so I received a $10 gas refund. And I also received coupons for 4 gallons of milk and 4 dz eggs.  Everything I bought I used coupons for.

24 boxes of cereal
2 jars pasta sauce
12 boxes pasta sauce
2 dz eggs

I saved $73.83, but I spent only $34.70

I wish I had taken a picture of everything I bought. It looks like more then that list does!  To put into perspective 24 boxes of cereal... think 2 rubber made tubs.  Since I am just starting out on the couponing thing I am not set up to do pictures. I will try to do it next time. Which won't be this week! LOL!

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