Monday, April 30, 2012

May 2012 Goals

I have been VERY inspired by Crystal at Money Saving Mom's Blog to have some "goals". I use to be that type of person, but quite frankly I find it difficult to deal with life generally and thought goals would just make it worse. I want to BEAT this by setting goals for myself. I can't let the devil kill my life. I am a child of the King.  So without further ado... my goals for May.  Please be kind and Don't laugh.

Consistent Devotions with my children 4 -5 days a week
Teach the children 1 new song/hymn a week
Read 2 books a month 1 “fun” and one self help. - Because He Loves Me and The Shunning.
Do 1 project to help organize the house: Finish up the coat / bag hooks
Repair or fix 1 item a week
Donate or toss 10 items a week
Sew 1 item a month to get myself back into sewing again- I am going to make a clothespin bag
Finish the C25K program
Write up a list for Park Dates
Start a weekly prayer list


Go on 1 dates/outings a month with each of the children individually. Take pictures
Go on at least one fun “trip/activity” every month with all the children. Take pictures
Read and finish at least 1 Read Aloud Missionary book a month and 1 “fun story” - A Chance to Die and The Door in the Wall
Finish up school with 3 olders.
Teach 3 olders 1 new recipe a month.

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family

Write 1-2 handwritten notes every week to encourage or thank someone.


Write 1 blog post a week about a new recipe we tried.
Write 2 blog posts a month about my couponing shopping.

Hopefully I will report back May 31st to see what I have done. :-)   Anyone else want to join me? I will continue to link to things as I ad them, so check back.


  1. Great idea. I may have to do this on my blog. But first I have to think of some goals.

  2. Crystal had some great ideas and then I added some of my own. Things I am already doing and things I know I WANT to do. You have 2 of the same things I do so start there. :-)


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