Monday, December 19, 2016

Jesus With Skin On

I have never been a "fantastic" writer or blogger for that matter. I lack the talent to allow the words to flow freely, and in an orderly manner.  I'll leave all the pretty words and fancy photo shopped images to someone else. I lack the talent.  

But I do have experience, not that I wanted it, with several life altering events.  Without going into too many details, because this is NOT what this post is about, I wanted to share with you what things helped me and kept me going in the midst of the trials that have forever shaped my life.

The title says it all. Jesus with skin on.  There are several people in my life that have been that for me.
When I was at my lowest point and not sure what end was up, they held up my arms like Moses's brother and friend Hur in the Bible during the battle (Exodus 17).  I had 2 friends in particular that would email me a verse in the Bible or something encouraging for me to read. Two of my friends did it for over a year. They also called and try to encourage me. My sister came and cried with me. She came and brought meals when I didn't even feel hungry.  I also had a group of friends that end me a "care package" just to let me know, that they were thinking about me. I still have the apron and Journal. Although I have yet to be able to write in the journal about what happened.

What WE DO NOT need to do. Tell those who are hurting.... 
It is a season.
Everything happens for a reason
Count your blessings
You will get over it

When someone is grieving, especially a loss, isn't helpful. They need a hug and your compassion. Not a sermon on how things will be just fine after you "get over it."

My challenge to you (and myself), this next year, is to BE the Jesus with skin on to those around you that are hurting. I am not always very good at it, I'll be honest. Even though I have been through some of the same things, loss of a loved one, loss of a child, etc., I am still cautious about giving that hurting person a hug.  What they really need, as I did, was a card or a simple note letting them know I am praying for them, or if they need a listening ear, they can have mine.  For some people, including myself, that is what I needed at the time when I felt so alone.

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