My Trim Healthy Mama Menu for May 4-10, 2020

Hello!  Thank you for stopping in and visiting Mixing With Michelle.  I have been doing THM since May of 2013.  It has been an eventful journey, but very worth it. I have enjoyed cooking through all 3 of the THM cookbooks. I can't want for their new one to start a new adventure.

I am taking a break from cooking though a cookbook the next few months. I am challenging myself to use up the last of the garden goodies and use a few more eggs in my menu. 

Trying to be a little more pro-active for the next month or so. Making a on plan bread/rolls I can use in an FP or S setting.  Also some sort of cracker or salty snack to have on hand.

I started a FB group, called THM New Habits Challenge Round 2 for some interactive support and new habits challenge. You can also participate on IG if you are more of an IG person. 

Chocolate Monkey Crepes THM E p.267 THM Cookbook
Pint Jar Chia THM S p.352 THM Cookbook

Popeye's Power Soup THM FP p.104 THM Cookbook
Zesty Southwestern Chop Up THM S p.182 THM Cookbook

Ice Cream Sandwiches THM S p.371 THM Cookbook
Lemon Lime Burst Whip THM FP p.442 THT
Ultimate E Bars THM E p.432 THT

Coconut Thia Chicken THM S p.45 THM Cookbook
Lazy Chicken Lasagna THM S p.124 THT
Lightly Nutty Noodles THM FP p.79 THM Cookbook
Comfy Cozy Chicken Dumpling Soup THM S p.94-95 THM Cookbook

Ginger Cream Trimmy THM FP p.432 THM Cookbook
Tumeric Toddy Trimmy THM FP p.433 THM Cookbook


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