THM Trim Healthy Table Fuel Cycle Menu for June 2 - 8, 2019

I was watching a neat vlog called Our Tribe of Many and they were going through THT trying each recipe. I thought what a good idea! I have made almost ALL the recipes in the original book and the Trim Healthy Cookbook. This year I am cooking through Trim Healthy Table.  What recipes have YOU tried and LOVED? I am so close to finishing up the book.  Its getting harder and harder to find new recipes to try.  Hopefully I will be done with the book earlier than I was last year. 

For the next 2 weeks I am doing a fuel cycle with Claire at Cookie Crumb Fun and Katie from Iron Heart Mama over on YouTube and IG = #fuelcyclewithfriends

So without more chit chat, here is the menu for our week.  All recipes are from the Trim Healthy Table Cookbook unless stated.  Please check out our Mixing With Michelle Facebook page and our New Habits Challenge Facebook group for even more encouragement.

My current THM New Habits Challenge 2019. Come join in!! 

Minty Tummy Soother Shake THT S p.486
Strawberry Biggy Bowl Oatmeal THT E p.354
Gingerbread Secret Big Boy THT FP p.480

Lunches: - Leftovers
Big M Beefy Noodle Bowl THT S p.319 - leave out onions and tomatoes
Chicken Salad Delight THT E p.299
Ramen Bowl THT FP p.317

No Moo Cream Cheese Bites THT S p.440
Pumpkin BAM Cake THT E p.385
Shrinker Gummies THT FP p.420

Hubby Lovin' Chicken THT S p.218 with broccoli 
Zippy Zucchini Rice Bake THT E p.136
Ugly Duckling Trimmy Bisque THT -FP p.182

Sippers - FP
Hello Health Sipper THT p.452
Converted Sailer Toddy THT p.454
Ice Vanilla Fat Burning Tea THT p.456


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