Sunday, August 24, 2014

THM Menu for August 25-31st 2014

Breakfast: Oatmeal - THM E
Lunch: Leftovers
Supper: Burrito in a Bowl THM S or E

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs THM S 
Lunch: Spaghetti with Green Beans
Supper: Chicken and Red Bean Enchiladas - S use on plan tortillas and fewer beans. With Sweet corn for the children. :-) 

Breakfast: Muffins and smoothie - THM S  with strawberries  
Lunch: Boiled Eggs with celery sticks 
Supper:  Chicken Lettuce Wraps - THM S

Breakfast: Breakfast sandwiches - THM S with low carb tortillas or Bread in a bowl
Lunch: Tomato, Cucumber, and Onion Salad with Left overs
Supper:  Eggplant Sandwich - I want to use Zucchini instead  Loaded Cauliflower THM S

Breakfast: Pancakes/Waffles - Pumpkin Waffles -THM S
Lunch:  Left overs with Reuben Salad - skip croutons - THM S
Supper: Stuffed-cabbage-leaves - THM S - sub radishes for rice and THM brown sugar. 

Breakfast: Quiche - THM S
Lunch:Parmesan Chicken Bake THM S
Supper:Tacos - THM S

Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls with Gwen's Bread recipe. Use Truvia and cinnamon for filling with cream cheese and Truvia frosting. Also eat with with Apple Cinnamon p.250 -THM E  
Lunch: Burgers and Hotdogs etc.
Supper:   Pizza -THM S

And some links for whistle wetting...
Snack: Butter and Caramel popcorn!

CSA from Good Earth Farms -Week 9!


  1. The recipes all look amazing! Admittedly, I have no idea what THM or any of the other letters represent (?) Help! Thanks a bunch

    1. THM means Trim Healthy Mama. Its a book/lifestyle of eating. The Letters are what kind of THM meal they fit into.


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