Monday, May 21, 2018

THM New Habits Challenge 2018 Round 4

I am wanting to start a few new habits that are THM related this year. Anyone want to join me? The challenge group will run for 6-8 weeks. I am going to pick 3 things to do for 6+ weeks to help me better my THM journey.  Anyone want to join me?  We will start our next challenge on May 28, and end July 3 , 2018.  THM does not manage or endorse the group’s content.

For the next 6 weeks I want to be consistent in:

-Drinking 1 gallon of water or liquid a day. - does NOT including anything caffeine.
-Eating Okra at least 3 times a week.

-Eat a cultured/fermented food at least once a day.

If this is something you want to join in and keep me accountable, there are 2 ways to do it. Join my FB challenge group or on IG #THMnewhabitschallenge2018.  If you want to join the group I will expect you to check in weekly with pictures or participating in discussions. I want the group to help keep me be accountable. So if you don't plan to post weekly, the IG challenge might be a better fit.  All you need to "join" is posting a picture of your prepping or meal to keep each other encouraged to keep going.  This group is about building new habits to help us in our journey. If we mess up, that is ok. Just restart again in 3 hours.

Once this challenge is over I will hopefully have 3 new habits along with you! I will have a new set of 3 habits for the next challenge weeks.

So who is in with me????

I will be posting my progress with meeting my 3 new habits and also some suggestion and encouragement to keep us going.

So for those of you who did Round 3 with me, how did you do?  Please leave your comments below. I want to hear how we all did!

I can say I did well with 1 of the challenges, but I struggled with Okra the most.  I am not sure WHY I don't either. I just simple forgot. So at least I have some left for this next challenged. And I also hope to grow some in my garden. I was given some seeds so here's to hoping I do finally beat the Okra monster.

I am still working on getting more to drink. I am doing better. Just not quite getting that gallon in. I am still drinking more coffee than I wanted to. I need to find a good tea instead. I just fall into the coffee trap because it is always there and available. The other drinks are NOT and I have to work to get them made.  Right now I am up to 3 quarts of water/GGMS etc a day. And I still drink hot SF coffee at least 2 or 3 times a week. I want to just DROP the SF coffee completely this summer. That is my goal. I was doing it EVERY day and sometimes multiple times a day, so I am making progress. My weakness is caramel. Just not sure HOW to beat that. Even in the summer I drink hot coffee? Its such a bad addition. LOL!

I think I took pictures ALMOST everyday, but I didn't always post them. Quite frankly it is because I eat some of the same things over and over and it seems redundant to take a picture of the same thing over and over? Silly I know!

I think the saddest thing for me is I was meal prepping with my husband, or at least he was eating along WITH me and it was so helpful and encouraging. But he doesn't stick to it and I tend to just stumble and fall WITH him. I need to just be stronger than that. I am worth it and I know I need to just make myself stick to it. It is NOT hard. It is just a struggle when everyone around you is chowing down on donuts and cookies and you are sitting there with water/GGMS and a handful of nuts. 

That is actually how my SF coffee addiction started I think. I would do that instead of the sweet treats. It DID help. I never wanted the sweet treats then. I had my coffee. The problem is now that I am trying to get OFF coffee I can't seem to beat sweets and SF coffee. I can only beat one. "sigh"

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