Saturday, February 10, 2018

THM New Habits Challenge 2018

THM New Habits Challenge Round 2

I am wanting to start a few new habits that are THM related this year. Anyone want to join me? The challenge group will run for 6-8 weeks. I am going to pick 3 things to do for 6+ weeks to help me better my THM journey.  Anyone want to join me?  We will start our next challenge on February 18 and end ,March 31, 2018.  THM does not manage or endorse the group’s content.

For the next 6 weeks I want to be consistent in:

-Weekly Meal Prepping.
-Eating Okra at least 3 times a week

-Eat 3 Deep S meals a week. - these can include Skinny Chocolate

If this is something you want to join in and keep me accountable, there are 2 ways to do it. Join my FB challenge group or on IG #THMnewhabitschallenge2018.  If you want to join the group I will expect you to check in weekly with pictures or participating in discussions. I want the group to help keep me be accountable. So if you don't plan to post weekly, the IG challenge might be a better fit.  All you need to "join" is posting a picture of your prepping or meal to keep each other encouraged to keep going.  This group is about building new habits to help us in our journey. If we mess up, that is ok. Just restart again in 3 hours.

Once this challenge is over I will hopefully have 3 new habits along with you! I will have a new set of 3 habits for the next 6 weeks.

So who is in with me????  I will be posting my progress with meeting my 3 new habits and also some suggestion and encouragement to keep us going.

So for those of you who did Round 1 with me, how did you do?  Please leave your comments below. I want to hear how we all did!

I can say I did well with 2 of the challenges, but I struggled with meal prepping the most. I do a meal prep for my husband, but his is so restrictive I really can't see it working for me. So, I do his and end up leaving mine for later, and it doesn't get finished. I need to step up my game and just DO IT.  I did eat greens almost daily, but after I started I realized I really wanted to add more Okra, so I am going to do it again THIS time to make sure the habit sticks.

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  1. Is it possible to build on your husband's meals and just add things to it for your meals?

    1. Maybe. But he eats the SAME THING every single day for a week. I can barely stomach leftovers. I eat things 2 maybe 3 times and I can't stand it anymore. I need a week or so before I want it again. And I know I will go off plan just to get variety if I tried.


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