My 5 top THM kitchen gadgets

I have just about every gadget. I have a few on my, I need list (air frier for starters), but I own quite a few. And yes, I use ALL of them. 

1. Food chopper. It is super nice to get all the onions, celery, peppers, etc all nice and even so they cook nicely. I have to admit I use them UP though. I think I have used up 6 of them. I buy them at the thrift store and toss them when they break. I have only bought 1 new. 

2. Coffee Grinder.  I can grind up my sweetener, Flax, and Vit C etc. I have no idea how I would do THM without it.

3. Blender. I bought a NICE heavy one from Aldi that is similar to a Vitamix. I use it daily. I had a Ninja before this. I loved it, but I kept breaking the blender jar. I decided to just get a bigger better one and forget the smaller one I kept breaking. It was a good choice. I do miss the small jar option though...

4. Food processor.  I slice and shred so many things. I am not sure how I would do without it.  Mine is an old Cuisinart that my mom found at a thrift store for me when my old one died... a sad death.

5. Spiralizer.I bought mine at Aldi, and it is such a treat. I have a hand held one and I do NOT like it nearly as well. Infact I don't think I have used it since I bought the nice hand cranked one.

I do own MANY more gadgets, but these are the ones I use constantly.  These IMO are the must haves for me. What are yours???


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