Monday, December 1, 2014

THM Menu for December 1 - 7, 2014

Mexican Monday:
Breakfast: Oatmeal - THM E
Lunch: Mexican Bean Soup - THM E
Supper: Mexican Coleslaw and Bean Burritoes E 

Italian Tuesday:
Breakfast: Breakfast sandwiches - THM S with low carb tortillas or Bread in a bowl
 Lunch: Crock Pot Mediterranean Split Pea Soup - THM E

Asian Wednesday:
Breakfast: Muffins and smoothie - THM S  with strawberries  
Lunch:  Indian Spinach Soup - THM E
Supper:  Asian Salad with Eggroll in a Bowl - THM S

Mediterranean Thursday:
Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs THM S 
Lunch: Zuppa Toscana THM S - Sub out potatoes for turnips or radishes
Supper:  Spaghetti with Olive Garden Salad - THM S. sub out on plan sugar and leave off the bread crumbs.

American Friday:
Breakfast: Pancakes/Waffles - Pumpkin Waffles -THM S
Lunch:  Loaded Creamy Tomato Soup - THM S with Cheese Sandwich
Supper: Cheeseburger Skillet- THM S

Tex Mex Saturday
Breakfast: Quiche - THM S
Lunch:  - Green Gumbo - THM S - sub out flour and use Gluc instead
Supper: Tacos - THM S

Restful Sunday:
Breakfast: Pumpkin Rolls - THM S - I use Gwens recipe for syrup
Lunch: Beans, salsa, and cottage cheese - THM E
Supper:   Pizza -THM S and Seven Layer Salad - THM S sub Truvia for Sugar.


  1. I love your blog! I'm a THM newbie. Saw a link for the crockpot meals and explored more of your blog. I like the way you designate each menu. Also like you weekly goals. Great job! Just curious, why Mixing with Michelle when the author is Catherine? Thanks!

    1. My name actually is Michelle. Catherine is my screen name. :-)

  2. "THM" - "S" - "E" - trying to learn what these mean but I can't seem to locate a legend. Help?

  3. It is an eating style called Trim Healthy Mama. S and E are the different STYLE of meals from THM..


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