THM Menu for July 9 - 15, 2018

This week starts 2nd week of my 5th round of my THM New Habits Challenge. Are you joining us?  I have a FB group page if you would like to join us and keep each other accountable. Or for even more fun use the hashtag #THMnewhabitschallenge2018 on IG and leave a picture.  

I was watching a neat vlog called Our Tribe of 10 a few months ago and they were going through THT trying each recipe. I thought what a good idea! I have made almost ALL the recipes in the original book, but not the Trim Healthy Cookbook. I have Trim Healthy Table, but there are SO MANY recipes in Trim Healthy Cookbook that I haven't even tried yet. So, I am going to try cooking a few more from the Cookbook and see how far I get.  I have made some, so I am going to skip over those, but there are SO MANY I have never tried.  What recipes have YOU tried and LOVED?

I am hoping that the end of summer, August, I will be finished cooking through the THM Cookbook.  Its been fun. I think most things I have left are desserts. I didn't realize how MANY there were in this cook. WOW.  There are a few favorites that I can see myself making again and keep making. Superfood Chocolate Chews - THM FP THM Cookbook p.383 for sure. I LOVE those.

Breakfasts: - for the shakes and smoothies, I am going to use Kefir instead of cottage cheese and Almond Milk.  I make smoothies almost daily to go along with my breakfast. 
Mintylicious Thin Thick- THM FP  p.424 with - Pumpkin Crunch Granola THM E p255
Cranberry Wassail Shake - THM FP p.406 with Nana's Fluffy Omelet THM S p.238

Lunch- Leftovers
Quinoa Salad - THM S p.232
Comfy Cozy Chicken Dumpling Soup THM S p.94

Luscious Lemon Cake- THM S  p.289
Secret Silk Pie - THM E p.330
Apple Cake Puddin - THM E p.357

Nacho Stuffed Peppers p.142, S
Creamy Pearlchilada Bake p. 143, S
Wise Shepherd's Pie p.134, S
Perfect Pizza THM S p.211

Earth Milk Sipper - THM FP p.402


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