THM Cookbook Menu for December 10-16, 2018

I was watching a neat vlog called Our Tribe of Many and they were going through THT trying each recipe. I thought what a good idea! I have made almost ALL the recipes in the original book, but not the Trim Healthy Cookbook. I have Trim Healthy Table, but there are SO MANY recipes in Trim Healthy Cookbook that I haven't even tried yet. So, I am going to try cooking a few more from the Cookbook and see how far I get.  I have made some, so I am going to skip over those, but there are SO MANY I have never tried.  What recipes have YOU tried and LOVED?

I am hoping that the end of summer, August, I will be finished cooking through the THM Cookbook.  Its been fun. I think most things I have left are desserts. I didn't realize how MANY there were in this cook. WOW.  There are a few favorites that I can see myself making again and keep making. Obviously I am STILL working on the cookbook so here's to hoping that I will finally finish in December!

Breakfasts: -
Spongy Peach Puddin THM E p.354-256
Peanut Puff Cake THM S p.292
Chocolicious, Berrylicious, Matchalicious, Mintylicious, and BBBBThin Thick THM FP p.424

Egg in a Nest THM S p.83
Pink Salmon Chowder THM S p.96
Quicky Quick Portein Power Balls THM S p. 390

Zapple Crumble THM S p.337
No Bake Cookies THM S p.316
Chocolate Chunk Wigglemallow Pie THM S p.328
Crunchers THM S/FP p.451

Peanut Popper Chicken  THM S p. 164 with Not Naughty Mac N Cheese THM S p.228
Comfy Cozy Chicken Dumpling Soup THM S p.94
Bone In Roast Beef THM S p.160 with Cheddar Herb Biscuits THM S p.197

Sippers - FPor S
Chai Trimmy p.402
Vanilla Rooibos Trimmy p. 433
Tumeric Toddy Trimmy p. 433


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