Sunday, January 29, 2017

THM Menu for Jan 29 - Feb 4, 2017

Another week has gone, and we are headed into February.  What a ride this past week was. I wasn't counting on being unable to be able to get my cooking etc finished. Instead I was stuck directing traffic from a chair. So not my thing at all. I much prefer to be a doer. Hoping those days are behind me... again.

Pay Day Candies THM S p.381  x2
Almond Joy Cookies - S THM S
Fudgy No Bakes - S THM

Orange Strawberry Kefir - THM E (Subbing out the cottage cheese, milk for kefir, and an orange for grapefruit) and I hope to have a 1/2 sprouted bagel with it.x2
Stove Top Granola Crunch - THM E p. 255x2
Fritatta - THM S

Deviled Eggs with pickles - THM S
Beans in the Pressure Cooker - THM E

Thai Chicken THM S
Tacos - THM S
Lazy Lasagna THM S p.140
Crockpot Mediterranean Split Pea Soup THM E - THM E
Sprouted Pizza Crust with my fat free cheese - THM E - p.200

Printable shopping list

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