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Weekly Menu Recipes Review Jan 1 - 7, 2016

I am not always going to review my recipes. In fact I will probably ONLY review the new ones I try each week. But since this is the first time I have done this you get it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. HA!

  • Cookie Bowl Oatmeal I have always LOVED this recipe. I made 2 and put one in the fridge for later. I added PB and not powder and it tasted so much better. 
  • Blueberry Muffin - I ended up doing this recipe Pumpkin Zucchini Muffins - instead, so it is actually going on the menu next week! Anyway the muffins were ok, but not something I wanted to make again. I think they needed more sweetener.
  • Vanilla Kefir Smoothie with Sprouted Wheat Bagels or Baked Cinnamon Grapefruit - I really love having the smoothie made ahead of time and just grabbing and going. YUM YUM. I will be doing the smoothies again for sure.
  • Frittata - I have made this recipe for years. This time I used ham instead of bacon and I also used my homemade Motz cheese instead of cheddar.

  • Lentil and Spinach Soup - This is the first time I have tried this recipe. I was suprised how simple it was. I used the Pressure Cooker to cooke the lentils and then added the rest of the items later. Made prep real easy. I think it is a keeper for sure.
  • Deviled Eggs with pickles - This is a common meal at least once a week for us. I actually had it with some Beef Jerky and a Zevia soda.  It is a simple lunch that we pack weekly.
  • Ham and Green Bean Soup - Funny thing is that we were all sick the day I made this soup. That meant it was even BETTER.  I put cauliflower in mine instead of potatoes. I like how simple and easy it is.
  • Trim Zuppa Toscana - I love this recipe. Funny how I don't usually like cooked greens, but this one made me START to like them. Now I enjoy many cooked greens. So I am glad I stepped out and tried this one.

  • Buffalo Chicken Casserole  - I cooked the chicken thighs in the pressure cooker so it was super tender. Instead of cream cheese I ended up using a yogurt salsa. It was delicious and I think I will do that instead of the cream cheese.
  • Taco Salad - THM - S p. 184 - Tacos are always awesome.  
  • Lazy Lasagna - THM S p.140 - I used my homemade ricotta and motz cheese. YUM!
  • Cilantro Chipotle Lime Chicken - This has to be my most favorite chicken meal ever. I can't get it enough. There are usually NO leftovers.
  • Tilapia Veracruz - THM - E p. 70 - I really could eat this more. I am kinda sad when it is gone. We never have leftovers.
  • Sprouted Crust Pizza (Bread) with low fat cheese - THM E - I made this with my own fat free motz cheese and turkey pepperoni. I use the THM bread recipe and make a crust with it. It does help if your yeast works though. The very first time I tried to make this, my yeast about 1/4 of it worked. Only I didn't know until I went to let it rise. Yeah. it was kinda bricky. Much better this time.

  • Beef Jerky - I made it again with some red pepper flakes. It was even BETTER. This is going to be a staple at our house I think.
  • Berry Crunch Bars THM S p. 392 - These were good, and even better with the sugar sprinkled on the top like suggested. They taste grainy (is that a word?), but they are a great grab and go snack. I actually cut them up smaller and made half a batch so I could combine them with the other snacks I made without over eating.
  • Pay Off Day Candies THM  S p. 381 I only made one batch. MISTAKE! I could live on these things. I am making a double batch next week for sure.
  • Mexican Chocolate Frozen Yogurt - This was much better than I expected. I wanted to try it with the red pepper anyway, and it was good. I am not sure if it is a keeper or not, but I think I will try it again. 
  • Chocolate Moisties THM S p.321 - I tried these the first day I made them. They were not that good. That is one thing about THM treats, they tastes WAY better the next day. They NEED the frosting though. I like that they have okra in them. I will make them next time with even MORE sweetener in them and I will make sure to add nuts. I did this time, but not many. I want MORE next time.
  • Sprouted Bread with Slim Belly Jelly - THM E p.478 - Now that I figure out how to make bread I can enjoy this snack again. I usually toast it. The one thing I did, that I think I will do again, is to make a mini loaf. That way I feel like I am getting MORE, but not really. Plus the little loaves are adorable!

  • GGMS - THM p. 397 x 4 - I need to make these again. They really help to remind me that needed to drink it. I did them in pods to just add water. 
  • Singing Canary - THM p. 298 x 4 - I did dry mixes. I intend to do it again. I like having them on hand to do it.
There are a few lessons this week that I need to "fix".  I do not have enough meal prep containers. I use to do meal prep in larger portions so this kinda through me for a loop. I also wished I had yogurt prepped for an easy "go along protein" snack  I also don't intend to make my supper meals unless I have extra time. This week I did breakfasts and snacks, and a few lunches. Suppers I ended up doing each evening. Not my preferred method, but it works. I much prefer to prep it all and be done. I just don't have an entire day to dedicate to meal prep. As mom of a "few" I seem to spend more time on rabbit trails than what I was working on. I am sure no one out there has a "clue" what I am talking about right?

So for next week I am looking for more sweets recipes.  Ice Cream specifically.  So leave me your favorites in the comments.  I will also be introducing my new "drink" for next week's menu. Something I think I have finally perfected and I am ready to reveal. Its my kick my bad sugar free gas station coffee, sipper. YUM!

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