How I do my weekly meal prepping the THM way

Since the beginning of the year I have tried to make myself meal prep at least a few things a week, to help keep me on track.

I make a list of 2-3 breakfasts, lunch, dinners, and snacks. I have done it with bloggers recipes along with the THM Cookbooks. I use a handy free meal planning service called to make my grocery list etc. I don't like to eat a meal more than 2 times. 3 is the limit and I usually HATE the meal by then. I wish I didn't mind leftovers. It would be so much EASIER to meal prep.

I went to the $1 store and Walmart and bought a few containers to help with meal prep.  I bought at least 4 of each meal prep container. I also bought this salad prep container. I didn't think it would be worth it, until I bought one. It makes prepping a salad SO easy and keeps it nice all week long. So to date I have 3 and that is the right amount.  I was lucky enough to find 3 at TJ Maxx. I bought several different sizes of the Take Along containers made by Rubbermaid.  They have them in several sizes that worked VERY well.

A few tips for "recipe picking".

-Breakfast I would choose 1 egg , 1 oatmeal or cereal, and some sort of baked good. Also for breakfast I make a smoothie of some sort most days. Mostly because I try to get some kefir and greens/okra in my diet so that is the BEST way.

-Lunch I would make 1 salad and 1 soup (In the summer I would make more salads if it was hot).

-Snack would be cake/muffins, chocolate/candies, and sometimes a salty snack like crackers or pretzels. Anyway you get the idea.

-Supper, pizza (because we ALWAYS eat that once a week) something chicken and beef. We also have tacos every Tuesday (Taco Tuesday anyone?).  This also gives me room to have leftovers and also a meal at friends or leftovers. I despise multiple leftovers so I do my best to avoid them hanging around long.

-I also like to try to make myself a sipper or two for the weekly. Mostly to make sure I get enough to drink. If I make up a dry mix for the week I tend to do better than to just make it daily. I am such a Drive Through Sue and this helps me.

A few things I like to make every few weeks that are super helpful...
THM friendly Maple Syrup
Sandwich Rolls from Montana Kitchen
Ice cream
Stevia Drops
Baking Mix
Kefir - plain or vanilla

So what tips and tricks do you all have to share?


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