My review for THM Menu for April 9-15, 2018


I have made so many NEW to me recipes from the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, I wanted to record what we all thought of them. Some were hits and some were not. A few we didn't get to make so I will add them to another menu to try.  Not sure I will ever make ALL the recipes from the cookbook, but I do want to make good use out of the book. I tend to make the same things over and over and I want to get out of that rut... for a now anyway.  

I haven't been using all the recipes again. I think I need to go back down a few for suppers and just accept that. I use to make more, but I am so busy we miss them. No need to prep for them if I am not going to use them.  I am NOT making salads because I am loosing motivation. I have made all the salads in the book and I can't find one that is just "me" or one that I could eat all the time. Anyone have a favorite I should consider? I want to make 2 different ones a week to make sure I get in my greens. Especially spinach. 

Breakfasts: - for the shakes and smoothies, I am going to use Kefir instead of cottage cheese and Almond Milk.  I make smoothies almost daily to go along with my breakfast. 
Chocolate Chip Baby Frap - THM FP THM Cookbook p.421 - YUM!
Chocolate Waffles with Strawberries THM E THM Cookbook p.265 - These were pretty good without the syrup, but even better WITH it.
Thin Mint Chocolate Chip Shake- THM S THM Cookbook p.410 - As before I still adore this shake
Spinach and Sausage Quiche THM S THM Cookbook p.150 - This was so good. I am so glad I took the effort to make the crust with it.
Berrylicious Thin Thick - THM FP THM Cookbook p.424 with  - I didn't get to try this one.
Banana Bread Crockpot Oatmeal THM E THM Cookbook p.257 - Another good recipe that I will need to reput on the list. The bananas didn't make it to cooking time!

Lunch: - Leftovers - I didn't make any of these.
3 Minute Sensational Salad - THM S THM Cookbook p.191
Cheesy Dream Soup - THM S THM Cookbook p.119
Curry in a Hurry Soup THM S THM Cookbook p.112

Berry Yummy Gummies- THM FP THM Cookbook p.388 _ didn't try them because I realized I was OUT of gelatin. Oops.
Crunchy Puffs THM FP THM Cookbook p.460 - I didn't take the time to make these, this week. I will try again NEXT week.
Glazed Crumb Cake - THM S Cookbook p.305 - This was SOOOO good.

Supper: - I didn't try any of these either.
Quinoa Goes Cajun - THM E THM Cookbook p.69
Chicken  Florentine- THM S THM Cookbook p.46
Comfy Cozy Chicken Dumpling Soup - THM S THM Cookbook p.94
Smarty Pants Stroganoff THM S THM Cookbook p.44
Rustic Pizza - THM S THM Cookbook p.212

Sippers - Still didn't get to try them
Earth Milk - THM FP THM Cookbook p.402


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