Monday, July 7, 2014

Book Review: Kids and Money by Jayne Pearl

It has been SO long since I wrote a book review. I have read a few books, but I keep putting off writing reviews about it? Not sure why exactly?

I am not exactly sure how I found Kids and Money by Jayne A Pearl. I think I found it at a book sale or someone gave it to me. The other day I knew I would have HOURS of time to read so I grabbed several books that interested me.

We have struggle all along with doing allowances and chores etc. This book really helped me think about it in another way. I always associated allowance with chores. But then the children ONLY want to do chores for money. That was kinda a problem.

The author's ideas were helpful and we were able to give our own spin on it and hopefully we will be on our way to at least a start to money training with our children... or not. :-)

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