My review for THM Menu for March 26 - April 1, 2018

I have made so many NEW to me recipes from the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, I wanted to record what we all thought of them. Some were hits and some were not. A few we didn't get to make so I will add them to another menu to try.  Not sure I will ever make ALL the recipes from the cookbook, but I do want to make good use out of the book. I tend to make the same things over and over and I want to get out of that rut... for a now anyway.

Breakfasts: - I use Kefir instead of cottage cheese and protein powder etc. 
Thin Mint Chocolate Chip Shake - THM S THM Cookbook p.413 - As usually, I LOVE this recipe
Banana Nut Muffin THM S THM Cookbook p.277  - I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this. Not sure why I didn't think I would. It didn't take exactly like a banana muffin though.
Berrylicious Thin Thick - THM S THM Cookbook p.424 - Still didn't get to try this.
Fields of Green Omcake THM S, THM Cookbook p.240 - I totally for got to make this. I was distracted with Aldi's sale on Asparagus and Brussels Sprouts.
Lemon Frappe - THM FP THM Cookbook p.419 - I think it is my favorite Frappe recipe
Banana Bread Pudding THM E THM Cookbook p.352 - I made this for my husband. He's a banana bread pudding fan. Hope it passes the test.

Lunch: - Leftovers
Lime Lover's Tofu Toss- THM S THM Cookbook p.191 - Okay I admit. I am afraid to make this one.
Thai on the Fly Soup- THM FP THM Cookbook p.122 - This haven't made this.
Magenta Salad THM S, THM Cookbook p.233 - I wanted so badly to like this recipe. I LOVE beets But the spices etc added to them just makes them not so good. I think I will stick to just plain and simple beets that I already know I LOVE. But I am glad I tried this one you know?  Maybe I will try again, in a few weeks.
Spinach Lane Soup THM  FP/S THM Cookbook p.121 - I am not sure why I didn't make this. I even had all the ingredients.

Meadow's Lemon Coconut Truffles- THM S,THM Cookbook p.386 - I really enjoyed these. I kinda thought they would be weird, but they were delicious.
Special Occasion Chocolate Cake- THM S Cookbook p. 309 - I loved the cake, but the frosting, not so much. I think I am frosting challenged. I have not had the best track record with THM frosting. So disappointing.  This time it was thicker than the last recipe, but still too soupy. But I was able to portion the cake into containers and add the soupy frosting. Delicious. 
Swiss Crackers- THM FP Cookbook p. 457 - I think I need to work on thickness. The middle was doughy but the edges were done. I am hoping to try them with some salsa tomorrow.

Supper: .
Orange Chicken THM S THM Cookbook p.72 - This was so good, my niece kept stealing it from me!
Wonder Fish Tacos - THM E THM Cookbook p.171  - I finally FOUND the fish in the freezer and still didn't make this dish. Silly me.
Chicken Florentine - THM S THM Cookbook p.46 - I didn't make this recipe. I ran out of time the night I wanted to and the kids begged for grilled cheese instead.
Mother Hubbard Soup - THM S THM Cookbook p.97 - This was the oddest soup. It tasted so good, but we couldn't make ourselves eat the boiled egg in it. So we had it on the side. 
Smarty Pants Stroganoff THM S THM Cookbook p.44 - I will try to make this again. The meat I had set aside for this just wasn't working for me. So next time I find a roast I will try again. Lesson learned, pork roasts will NOT work in this recipe no matter how much you want it to.
Rustic Pizza - THM S THM Cookbook p.211-12 -I finally made this! It smelled so good. I am glad I finally did it. Now do I have to admit which recipe I liked better? No? Oh good.

Ginger Cream Trimmy - THM FP THM Cookbook p.432 - I have no idea why this is so hard to do? I am sure it will be amazing? I think I have issues.


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