Wednesday, April 10, 2013

30 Day House Cleaning Challenge Day 1 - 6 2013

I am trying to play catch up. I have managed to:

Day 1:  Clean the counters and stove etc., in my kitchen. I also washed the floor. Or should I say the children washed it for me... by sliding across it. I did manage to hand them a scrub brush though for the corners etc. The kitchen although one of the easier rooms for me never seems to stay nice because we cook/bake so much. So even if it is clean today, tomorrow is another ball game.

Day 2 : Clean the bathroom. That took a while. And I only did 1 room. I actually SCRUBBED it for about an hour. The room has no window or sunlight so it stays wet and icky even when it is clean it is still damp. But it looks much better, other than the shower. I tried to scrub off the "orange" glow, but it proved to be more than my arms could tackle. So I will be taking a trip to the store for something to get rid of it. My children's bathroom gets cleaned almost daily because of it's constant use.

Day 3: I cleaned off the dressers in my room. I wish I had taken a picture because they were pretty bad. We are trying to make our dressers only be a home to our candles, TV/DVD and our printer (long story). I also cleaned and re-arranged the shelves/dressing table. It now is the home to our library books an the catch all for clothes that never get put away. But never fear it will have to do it again when I clean my room!

Day 4: I actually worked on my dining room organizing my pantry in anticipation Saturday's shopping trip. I also put all the shelves up in the green house. Now all I need is warm weather!

Day 5: I decided to clean the surface of my living room.  I put all the toys in the bin and kept sending the stuffed animals that came FLYING down the steps BACK upstairs. I am not sure why the stuffy zoo needed to be in the living room, but it was thanks to the young crowd at my house. LOL!

Day 6:  Since it was my shopping day I stuck with trying to finish up the kitchen. We had an issue with the stove so we ended up cleaning it. The smoke alarm insisted. hehe. I have the soup and the cereal all arranged in the pantry now. I am kinda excited about that. I have been working on getting things all in the same area because I don't realize what I have when it is all over the place. I won't need to buy cereal for a while.

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