Book Review: A Winter Dream

A Winter Dream was a GREAT read.  I am usually very leary of book that are remakes of Bible stories. But I really enjoyed this one.  So to those of you out there that are kinda not sure of remakes of Bible stories, try this one. It is really neat.  I like how they mixed in a few issues from TODAY, but still keep the key elements in the story.  I think I might have to change my mind and read more similar books. :-)


  1. Which bible story was this a remake of? I usually avoid his books.

  2. This one is actually about Joseph. I have never read any other books by this author so I really have no opinion on his other works. I just enjoyed this one. I had to read a review to figure out that it was based on a Bible story though. I just don't think about stores being "modernized". I use to be a book snob, but I am learning to be more open to reading books that aren't always "perfect". But then, there are some nasty books I read, wondering why I had to finish... I think it is the OCD in me. I can't leave things undone. LOL!


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