Once A Month Cooking Menu February 2014 - THM friendly menu included

I am going to post links for my freezer menu and when I go to MAKE the menu I will include the tweaks I used to make them THM friendly.

Cinnamon RollsMuffins, Egg SandwichBreakfast Burritos, Oatmeal, Pancakes, and Waffles

Mexican Bean SoupSouthwest Chicken Soup, Chili, Tomato Soup, Split PeaLentil Soup, Zuppa ToscanaGreen Gumbo, and Chicken Borcht

Taco/Cheeseburger Skillet, Chicken Roll Ups/Bean,Spinach, and Tomato Burrito, Pizza, Greek Gyros/Slow Cooker Greek Chicken, Chicken Cacciatore/Spaghetti

THM menu:
-Waffles - THM S
-Cinnamon Rolls with Gwen's Bread recipe. Use Stevia and cinnamon for filling with cream cheese and Stevia frosting.-THM E
-Oatmeal sub Stevia for sugar - THM E
-Muffins - THM S
-Breakfast Burritos - Use low carb burritos - THM S
-Egg Sandwich - Make with Bread in a Bowl - THM S

Mexican Bean Soup, - THM E - no corn
Chicken Chili THM E 
Chili - THM book-S
Tomato Soup -THM S
Split Pea - THM E
Lentil Soup - THM E
Zuppa Toscana - THM S - sub turnip for potatoes
Green Gumbo - Sub flour-Glucc - THM S
Chicken Borcht - Chicken Breasts and use turnips instead of potatoes - THM E

Taco - Low fat, Ground Turkey Meat, rinsed, with low carb tortilla - THM E 
Cheeseburger Skillet - THM S 
Chicken Roll Ups - Use low carb tortillas -THM S
Bean,Spinach, and Tomato Burrito - with low carb tortilla - THM E
Pizza - THM-E or Pizza - THM S
Greek Gyros - use Joseph's Pitas - THM E
Slow Cooker Greek Chicken - THM - E
Chicken Cacciatore - Use chicken breasts instead of whole chicken,THM - E
Spaghetti - Use Dreamfield's Pasta, rinsed meat/turkey, and no sugar added sauce - THM E


  1. Good morning, Michelle! First of all, thank you so much for all your hard work in creating all these wonderful posts! You're such an inspiration to this grandmommie! I've been poking around your blog for quite sometime, but today i was looking for a photo I saw on one of the THM groups. It was linked to your blog and there were lots and lots of ziplock bags of food layed out that you had prepped for the freezer. Could you direct me to that photo/post, please, ma'am. Thanks so much and have a great day! ;-)

    1. That picture was actually not on my blog. IT was on the Trim Healthy Mama F page. I think someone used my plans here... http://mixingwithmichelle.blogspot.com/2014/05/thm-crock-pot-cooking-menu-session-1.html to make the recipes and posted a picture of her meals all bagged up.


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