Tuesday, February 2, 2016

THM OAMC Session 17

Like a few other menus I have done, this one is done from the NEW THM Cookbook.  They have so many good recipes it is hard to pick just 1 menu. :-)

Wicked White Chili p.37
Pot Roast with Radishes and Gravy p.50
Slow Fajitas p.53
Cilantro Lime - Burst Chicken Thighs - p. 54
Balsamic Chicken p.58
Cowboy Grub p. 59
Swedish Meatballs in Cream Sauce - p.61
Eggroll in a Bowl p.62
Slim Sloppy Joes  p.63
Quinoa Goes Cajun p.69

Here is the printable shopping list for you!

Want to see more THM menus?  Cooking sessions Check out all my other menus are here:1, 234, 56 7 8,  9, 101112131415, and 16 are finished. Check them out.


  1. I just came upon your website because of the THM and menu planning and use of the crock pot. I really hope to use all your hard work to my advantage and success!! I'm wondering if you have a menu plan which doesn't have to be crock pot only, for the initial one week cycle? I couldn't find anything when I searched. Thank you!

    1. Here is one for you. http://mixingwithmichelle.blogspot.com/2015/08/thm-menu-for-august-17-23rd-2015.html

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  3. Do you still think you might add a shopping list for this menu?

    I've just read the THM plan book and I'm wading into this new lifestyle. I'm finding that pretty much any time I try to make an old recipe into an S or an E, I end up crossing over, which is fine. But to actually implement the plan, I think I'm just going to have to use other people's menus for awhile. So finding your posts have been awesome. The fact that you include the shopping lists makes this feel so doable!!! So anyway, THANK YOU so much for sharing all your menus and shopping lists. Amazing!


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