THM Mexican OAMC Menu Session 10

I'm on a Mexican kick again. I could live on Mexican. So here is my next offering....

Mexican Grilled Chicken
Quick and Easy Chicken Burritos 
Chipotles Chicken Burrito Bowl with Lime Rice
Chicken Enchilada Stuffed Spaghetti
Easy Fajita Chicken Bake
Black Bean Quesadillas
Slow Cooker Mexican Quinoa
Chicken Flatbread with Chipotle Ranch Sauce
Sweet Potato Skins
Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Shopping list for Session 10

If you want to get something premade I recommend the Low Carb Tortillas  and/or Joseph's Pitas or Lavish bread.

I make my menu to serve 6-8 people.  Most of the recipes are doubled.

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