THM OAMC Breakfast Menu Session 8

Finally, a breakfast menu. I am making it with simple on plan ingredients. Nothing too weird.  If you are like me breakfast is a REAL struggle. I hate eating it as much as I hate MAKING it. Hopefully this menu will help us all do better.

Apple Pie Muffins THM E
Skinny Double Chocolate Chip Muffins - THM E
Snickerdoodle Crepes - THM S
Fluffy Pancakes - THM S
Cinnamon Rolls - THM E
Breakfast Burritos - THM S I used real cheese and low carb tortillas
Breakfast Pizza - THM S
Chocolate Covered Donuts - THM S
Gwen's Bread/bagels - THM E
Ham Quiche Cups - THM S

Also including a recipe for syrup - THM Syrup

Here is a link to the shopping list
Want to see more THM menus?  Cooking sessions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,  9, 10111213 and 14 are finished. Check them out. 

This menu is made to feed 6-8 x2. I double each recipe.


  1. Newbie here, what does OAMC mean??

  2. Thank you! I checked out your plans last summer, but haven't checked in on you lately. Glad to see more plans! AND for more meals.


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