OAMC THM Crock Pot Menu Session 7

I am so excited to make another ALL crock pot menu for this summer. We are super busy in the summer and not having to make supper each evening is a HUGE blessing. I was able to get a few recipes from some fellow THM blogger friends. THANKS LADIES!

Crock Pot Creamy Southwest Chicken
Peachy Crock Pot Chicken
Spiced Cranberry Moose Roast
Lime Chicken
Easy Crock Pot Chicken
Coney Island Casserole
Crock Pot Spinach Lasagna
Tuna Casserole
Pulled Pork with Broccoli Slaw - I use a beef roast
Crock Pot Carbacoa Beef Chipotle

This menu is designed for 6-8 servings. Enjoy!
Here is a link to the Shopping List
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  1. Maybe this is a silly question or one you've covered somewhere else, but...Do you basically just dump all your ingredients in a ziplock bag and freeze to do it freezer style?

    1. Yes, pretty much. Sometimes I will bags things separately if I want them to be a in a certain order in the crock pot. ;-)


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