THM OAMC Crock Pot Session 15

I am going to do a few more meals from the NEW THM cookbook. I love trying new meals and I have been looking forward to making this menu. If you don't own a copy of the cookbook be sure to get your copy. It is worth EVERY penny.

Cajun Cream Chicken - p.36 I am using thighs
Rich and Tender Stew p.38
Ridiculous Meatballs and Spaghetti p.40
Wipe You Mouth BBQ - p.43
Smarty Pants Stroganoff p.44
Coconut Thai Chicken - p.45 - I am using thighs
Chicken Florentine - p. 46
Wacha Want Mexican Chicken p.47
Buttah Chicken - p.49
Lemon Herb Drummies - p.51

Here is your printable shopping list!

Want to see more THM menus?  Cooking sessions Check out all my other menus are here:1, 234, 56 7 8,  9, 101112131415, and 16 are finished. Check them out.


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