Goals for Jan 5 - 11, 2013

Pick a Kindle devotional book
Memorize Psalm 37:1`
Read a book
Establish Flylady schedule for cleaning
Organize my Documents folder -1 subject
Complete Organization Challenge - Clean Kitchen Counters

Write a "love" note
Call/Talk to my brother 

Establish game night 
Teach Ashlianna to sew a pillowcase 
Print out week school schedule for EACH child.

Weekly Goals
Weekly or Bi-Weekly menus
Try a 1 new recipe and blog about it
Write 1 book review
Finish DIY list for year.
1 Family Blog


  1. Great list of goals. Love how you broke them down. I only have 5 goals for the week and most of them are necessities and cleaning up the vacation mess. :-)

  2. Great goals! Best of luck on achieving them! :)

  3. Hi Michelle! Just wanted to drop by and say "Thanks for inspiring me!" I really enjoyed reading your list and it helped me write my very first weekly goals ever list ( if you'd like to see that list, here's the link http://bipolariimommyhood.blogspot.com ) Blessing, Jennifer


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