My Goals for 2014

Considering how MUCH my life changed last year I don't think I did THAT bad with last year's list.  I am excited for the new year. So anxious to see how HE is going to mold me into the masterpiece He has in store.  With the addition of more children to our family the chores seem to take longer and also more responsibilities outside of the home really changed how things were done. I struggled to work outside the home for the first time in 13 years.  So, here is my list for this next year.  Praising the Lord for His grace and mercy on us this past year of 2013.

Read 48 Kindle books and 12 paperbooks
Establish Flylady schedule for cleaning
Memorize Psalm 37 - 1 verse a week.
Write first draft of book - 2 chapters a month
Organize my Documents folder -1 subject a week until finished.
Upload pictures for printing - delete pictures that are un-usable-1 year a month
Complete 1 sewing/craft project a month
Use 1 Kindle devotional book a month.

Strive for 2 dates a month
Pray together for the kids
Listen/Read through the Bible in a year 

Do 1 fun outing/activity per month
Teach each child a new recipe they can make on their own
Establish game night 
Teach Ashlianna to sew. 
Print out week school schedule for EACH child.

Write a "love" note each week
Visit Grandpa once a month
Help or serve someone in the community or church
Call/Talk to my brother once a week.

Weekly Goals
Weekly or Bi-Weekly menus
Monthly Goals
Try a 1 new recipe a month and blog about it
48 Book reviews
12 DIY projects and blog about them
1 Family Blog post a week

My list from last year and how I did....

Listen/Read through the Bible in a year - I failed.  I did it for the first 2 months.  
Read through 48 books  - I did them until summer. Then I struggled to get them from the library
Run in a 5K race - I started 2 times and both times had problems organizing myself to get OUT the door
Do 12 DIY projects - I did several, but didn't finish the list.
Focus on keeping 1 room company ready per month - I tried, but it really didn't click or get done until November.
Memorize Psalm 37 - I still need to do this.

Plan 2 surprise dates -My husband told me no thank you, :-(
Strive for 2 dates a month - We actually did better than this most months.  What a difference.
Pray together for the kids - We started, but didn't finish strong.
Read 4 books about marriage etc.- I actually did this. I am so proud of myself. I accomplished something!

Read 12 books to my children. - I did more than 12. I wish I could say I did more than 4 (1 for each child) a month, but I really didn't.  
Take each child on a one on one trip a month- I did REALLY well taking each child out on a date/trip a month. It is now a habit and I LOVE it. 
Do 1 fun outing/activity per month -I really struggle coming up with funds to do fun things/outings. I hope we can do more this year. I think we ended up doing about 8 things on our list. 
Help Ashlianna establish her own devotional time- I am still working on establishing time for her to do it herself. She wants to but I am the biggest problem
Teach each child a new recipe they can make on their own - I did only 1 of the recipes the children wanted. I want to try it again this year.
Let child pick a book and read it to them during our 15 minutes together - I was able to do this. I plan to continue it this year.  
Each child picks 1 place to go or an activity - The children picked 10 activities, but we were not able to do them all. We did some! 
Piano and Violin lessons - I did better about music lessons and I hope do to better this year. 
Establish game night - I never established a game night, and I want to keep trying. It is important.

Write a note weekly to encourage someone - I did it monthly, and not weekly. But at least I did it more then I did last year!
Visit Grandpa once a month - I think we saw him about 4 times. So sad. We are going to do better this year since I am going near him 2 times a week. A blessing indeed.
Help or serve someone in the community or church - We did this a few times. As much as we could. I tried to look for places that we could all serve as a family.
Call/Talk to my brother once a week. - I am REALLY bad with this. I will continue to try this next year.

Weekly Menu - I tend to do a menu and use it for 2 weeks.
Weekly Goals - I did this on and off.  I want to do better this year.
Monthly Goals - I struggled to do this the last 6 months. Computer issues and working didn't help
New recipe we tried - I tried many, but posted few. I need to be more diligent about that.
Book reviews - I read books until June and then struggled to establish a way to read when I had to work.
DIY projects - I did about half of them. 


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