Monday, January 6, 2014

January Goals 2014

Read 4 books
Establish Flylady schedule for cleaning - start working on list of chores
Memorize Psalm 37 - Verse 1-4
Write first draft of book - Chapter 1 &2 
Organize my Documents folder -1 subject.
Upload pictures for printing - delete pictures that are un-usable-1 year.
Complete 1 sewing/craft project.
Pick and use 1 Kindle devotional book.

Strive for 2 dates a month
Pray together for the kids
Listen/Read through the Bible in a year 

Do 1 fun outing/activity per month
Teach Russel a new recipe he can make on their own
Establish game night 
Teach Ashlianna to sew a pillowcase
Print out week school schedule for EACH child.

Write a "love" note each week
Visit Grandpa once a month
Help or serve someone in the community or church
Call/Talk to my brother once a week.

Weekly Goals
Weekly or Bi-Weekly menus
Monthly Goals
Try a 1 new recipe a month and blog about it
Write 4 or 5 book reviews
1 DIY projects and blog about it
1 Family Blog post a week

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