Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Early to Rise Challenge Day 12

Going Against the Flow

I am not the type of person that need to be accepted. I mean I like it, but I don't find it essential for life. I remember as a teen. I would dress in what I wanted to... not that I was rebellious to my parents... I wasn't. I wore costumes for clothing. I didn't care that others thought that was a little different. I made most of my clothes. I liked them. If people didn't like them, I am ok with that.  Pick on me if you want, it won't change my mind.  I never really fit in as a teen either. I had my own business when I was 15. I was so different from others so maybe that being different didn't phase me.

As an adult and married I was again "different". I didn't want the normal doctor for children. Rather I chose home-birth. Much to the dismay of family members (not mine). There were so many decisions that I had made that were not well liked by family because it was not what they wanted. The choice of family size, vaccination, and medical issues. So I know what it is like to "go against the flow".

The most important thing for me when I get to the end of my life is to hear the words from my Lord, "well done, my good and faithful servant". I don't care about the money or the trip I "thought" I had to have. My family/children are the ONLY things I can take with me. I am sent here to please my Savior. I am His servant. I hope I can stand before Him one day and be able to finally see His face and understand His love.  Something I can't today.

Obviously I can work on my getting up time. Still have sick children that crawling in to snuggle meaning we didn't get up until 9. "sigh". But I felt that these moments are soon to be gone. I will  just sit still and enjoy them for they are soon to be gone and I will MISS them SO MUCH. I can get up early another day, when they are not sure and don't want/need my company to make them feel better. I LOVE being a mom. 

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