Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Early to Rise Day 13

 Blessing Others

     This is something I have been working on this year already.  One of my goals has been to write a note EACH week to someone. Most weeks I make it. An email, or a  note in the mail. Just a little hey, I am thinking and praying for you.  I remember doing it for my husband YEARS ago. Not sure why I stopped?  I like to do it, but never think about it until it is too late and he left for work already. Silly me can't even think, hey silly how about writing it NOW so he can have it tomorrow. Oh, boy I am lame.
     There is something I would like to AD to the cards though and that is a homemade gift or cookies, muffins etc. I had children decorate Pringle cans so we could pkg them up nicely. But again.. Um... I we didn't actually use them yet. But hey I started. So my goal for this week it so write a not AND a homemade gift of cookies or muffins to someone at church.

     What time did I get up?
     I FINALLY MADE IT!  I got up before 7. WOW! I didn't think it was possible. And to top it all off, I actually slept some this afternoon. YAHOOO! That means getting up tomorrow should be easier. I also have some REASONS to get up.  
     Last night I discovered a book I didn't know I had ( Six Ways to Keep the "Little" in your Girl), and today my husband was able to stop at the library for the books ( Blue Like Play Dough and One Thousand Gifts), I had waiting for me. So now I have a reason to wake up. I want to read through at least 2 of these books by the end of the week. My sweet secret sister... who isn't so much a secret, send me a wonderful devotional (Worry and Stress) that I can't wait to dig into. Along with my ESV Study Bible I can't WAIT for tomorrow so I can dive into my "treasures".  I have been trying to finish up October Song for ages so that is also in my morning pile. WHOOT!

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