Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Early to Rise Day 11

It’s Your World, So Change It

     Wow this challenge was something I have been working on already. Mostly because my wonderful pastor has been talking about this. What are you doing to invest into someone else. Are you making disciples? I can honestly say I haven't been.  My life has been so stressful. I have been just been trying to survive. I HATE it. I want so badly to start helping instead of being the one that asks for help.  I don't know how to reach out when I am hurting so much. 

      But the Lord has been laying some things on my heart. Things I have felt I wanted to do. I really thought that He was asking me to do them now. But He has closed the doors, or should I say SLAM the door on the ideas. I am now back to needing support and love from others.  So I realize He is now stretching me and asking me to grow again. I am tired of this part of my life. I am so looking forward to the day that the Master Potter will be able to take a break and not need to mold me so much. The stretching HURTS.

      So for now, I am going to work on "changing the World", in my home. Because for now this is where He has me. I can live out what I believe with my children. They can witness up close and personal someone who has had to live what they believe despite the hardship. I have had no one but the Lord to cry out to at times. I have a whole new view of the Jesus that I never had before. I find it difficult to comprehend how MUCH He loves me. I will never be able to understand.  If I can just teach that to my children... the LOVE and serve HIM I will have accomplished something eternal. The things here don't matter. What I do for HIM is what matters.

      So now that I have my printer up and going and I am home for the week with sick children this is my opportunity to be able to focus on ME being slow to anger and speech. I have not been the BEST trainer of my children in that area... I will admit. 

      Now, for the reveal... I got up at 9, gulp. I actually got up at 7:10, but the kids wanted to snuggle... since they are all sick so we all snuggled together and went to sleep until 9. Oops. Tomorrow will better right? 

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