Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Target Coupon Run March 13, 2013

 I payed $2, PLUS I have a $5 GC. So I actually MADE money on this transaction. YAY!  Been a while since I went to Target for some serious couponing.

There are 2 or more transactions I want to complete this week or next since the deal is ALSO next week. We'll see how it goes. Free shampoo, condition, and soap, I'm ok with that.

I have had a hatred for couponing at Target. I use to love the store, but then they changed their coupon policy and I never adjusted. I still am unhappy about it, but I have seen so many great deals for Target I fell into temptation and went back. Why? Because they had some deals that MADE me money to shop. So FINE, Target wins. I am shopping there again.

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