Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How I am doing with my goals for the year, Jan 2013

Listen/Read through the Bible in a year  - I am on track!
Read through 48 books  - I have read 4 on the list. I had to do some from next month since the book did not come in at the library in time to finish them up at the end of the month.
Run in a 5K race - I need some work. I am walking, but not running yet.
Do 12 DIY projects - I have done 4 projects already!
Focus on keeping 1 room company ready per month - Working on 3 rooms now.
Memorize Psalm 37 - I could work more on this one. I have 2 verses memorized so far.

Plan 2 surprise dates - I have an idea for BOTH
Strive for 2 dates a month - Accomplished. YAY!
Pray together for the kids - Working on it.
Read 4 books about marriage etc. - I just got my book for the month from the library.

Read 12 books to my children. - I have read 1, and we are working on the 2nd.
Take each child on a one on one trip a month - DONE!
Do 1 fun outing/activity per month - DONE!
Help Ashlianna establish her own devotional time - Still working..
Teach each child a new recipe they can make on their own - We have picked out their recipes.
Let child pick a book and read it to them during our 15 minutes together - Working on it
Each child picks 1 place to go or an activity - All activities picked
Piano and Violin lessons - We are still doing it about 1/2 the time.
Establish game night - Did it 3 times this month.

Write a note weekly to encourage someone - I did 3. :-)
Visit Grandpa once a month - If we ever get over being sick we can do it.
Help or serve someone in the community or church - We helped pack meals at Feed My Starving Children with our church.
Call/Talk to my brother once a week. - Glad he calls, because I never remember. Oops.

Weekly Menu - Faithful
Weekly Goals - Faithful
Monthly Goals - Faithful
New recipe we tried - Faithful
Book reviews - Faithful
DIY projects- Faithful
Coupon Trip - Faithful


  1. Wow read 48 books and 4 already, amazing! Where do you find the time? I'm lucky if I can get a few pages with my kiddos around tee hee!

  2. I read ANY chance I get. During music lessons, Awana, Youth Group. Any time I have to go somewhere and I can I READ! I read Crystal's ideas from Money Saving Mom and put them into practice.

  3. And you said *I* was doing well on my goals? Girl, you rock! Keep up the great work!

  4. That is very sweet of you. I am just hoping to encourage others because that is what has helped me. :-)


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