Monday, January 28, 2013

Book Review: Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

I thought the book was very good. I have pretty much tried just about every suggestion in the book. There are a few things I haven't tried I will admit. Not sure I will either.

The most interesting things about the book was it's title bragging that you won't have to use coupons to be able to save HALF of your grocery book. But IN the book they talk about using coupons?  I use coupons myself so it isn't that I oppose using them, I just thought the title was mis-leading. I was hoping it would help me do better WITHOUT coupons. I don't really think I can do much better than I already do.

They also talked about doing Once A Month Cooking or OAMC.  I really enjoyed doing it with the 3 different groups I was in. And every time I read up on it I wish I could do it again. I wish I had more friends that would be interested in it.  It is difficult to pull off by yourself, especially with 5 kids "helping". 

All in all I would recommend this books just for the IDEAS they presented. Things most people probably would not have thought of.

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