Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Coupon shopping with my sister.

Going to Pick N Save for the second time today, I will just say it was my sister's idea. And she did a fantastic job of helping me put together 4 transactions (2 each). I think the idea for the transactions came from a match up I found on the internet this morning.

I try to be so careful to put the transactions together before I leave, but more often than not the store is out of something.  My sister and I were pleasantly surprised that they had EVERYTHING we wanted in stock.  That almost NEVER happens to me.

There were so many things on sale this week. Just trying to pick the best deals to get this week has been a challenge.

I believe I spent around $16 for all 3 transactions. I also have $6 OYNO and 2 coupons for cheese.  I ended up with 9 pkgs of sandwich meat for my husband's lunches, 4 pkg cream cheese, 8 boxes of crackers, 6 bottles of shampoo, and 4 pkg hot dogs. Not too bad.

I want to go back and get a few more things Saturday.   They have Glad freezer ware containers. With all the freezer cooking I do I sure could USE THEM right now.

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