Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week 4 Day 1 - 4 Weeks to Fill the Freezer

 I thought I would like to start making cookie dough MIXES instead of dough. I don't have to keep it in the fridge, but rather on the shelf.  I already had Chocolate Chip Cookies so I decided to as my husband what kind of cookies he would like. He surprised me by saying M&M cookies.  I asked him in the dough or on it. He said IN until I showed him the picture of the cookies I was going to make. He laughed and said.. oh yeah, on top like that. :-) I think trying to be specific with someone who doesn't make cookies was kinda funny. He really did not know what I meant.  But that is ok. He can make the best egg sandwiches in the world. I can handle the cookies. :-)

I used little bags of M&Ms for the cookies. I got them for free from Target around Valentines Day. Works really well for a small amount like what one would need for cookies.  When I get the mixes out, all I need to add are eggs, butter, and some vanilla.  As a child I never used mixes for anything. In fact I never used a mix. As an adult I didn't until recently. I have learned to make my own. I can make whatever I want. Sure cuts down on time to make something if I have a mix on hand.  Now all I need is time to make them. :-)

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