Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 3 Day 3 - 4 weeks to Fill the Freezer

Stuffed Peppers was my third recipe. I have never made or age them before.  I always thought my husband HATED peppers. So when he told me he wanted me to make Stuffed Peppers I was very surprised. Apparently his mom made them when he was a child. Who knew?

I cooked up all my meat a few days ahead of time in the crock pot so it was all ready to use in the recipe.  Aldi had peppers on sale 2 weeks ago so I stocked up know that I was going to make this.   I stuffed 12 peppers.  That looks like quite a bit when you lay it all out.

I bagged up 3 peppers for a meal. Since it is not a meal I have ever had before I am kinda excited to try it. I hope my husband will enjoy it.  I am going to add some cheese on the top when I serve it. My husband thinks cheese and ketchup makes everything better. Maybe I will take a picture of them when I make them for you. I am going to bet that he will add ketchup. hehe

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