Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 3 Day 1- 4 Week to Fill the Freezer

The first recipe I choose to make was Turkey Pot Pie. My husband requested Pot Pies for a meal. He use to stop and buy those small pot pies at Walmart for a quick supper at night. I tried to make them a few times on my own, but I could never get the crust right. I finally just gave in and allowed myself the pleasure of purchasing pre-made crusts. Problem solved with less stress on my end and a happy consumer on the other.   The only difference I made was that I added some peas. No one seemed to mind. 

I was given some freezer and baking friendly Gladwear pans.  The problem is the pans are square and not round. The pie crusts didn't fit right.  Since my pans were square instead of round I just trimmed off the extra dough. I used the dough later to make lattice work on a peach pie and an extra pot pie. Worked out well. I still had 4 pot pies for the freezer, plus a peach pie.

So here are my pies for the freezer. We ate the lattice work pie for supper. It was delicious. :-)

And of course my peach pie with the extra dough. As you can see I used a little creative work to get it all together. But it was worth it. I just grabbed a gallon bag of frozen peaches, added 1/2 cup sugar and 1/4 cup flour and then put the crust on top. Super simple and easy to throw together.

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