Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week 1 of 5 Weeks to a Clean House - The Kitchen

The neat and tidy kitchen. Now to KEEP it that way. Even the cabinets are tidy SEE!

My organized spice cabinet. I need to get some different baskets. They are too wide for me to put 2 side by side. I am having trouble finding some that will.

I have had this rotating spice rack for a long time. I hated it. The spices it came with I never used. So I finally just took out what I didn't used and filled it with things I DID use. Now I like it. :-)

I admit it. I am not real good at sticking to things like this anymore. My attention span is 0.  But I am trying again. This week the focus was on the kitchen. I DID IT! My kitchen looks so much better. The hardest projects were cleaning the cabinets. I tossed so many things. It was so worth it because now my kitchen is clean and neat. I am trying to keep things OFF my counters. It is so nice to have a place to bake etc. It isn't easy because I am not neat by nature.  And sorry I forgot to take before and after pictures. So these after pictures will have to do.

Next week- The living room. I am not sure which I dread more. The Living Room or Kitchen.  Both are going to keep me moving.

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