Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fruit Pizza

I will  just admit it. I have never made it before. I know why now. It is so good you eat too much of it. Aldi has had some fantastic deals on fruit the last 2 weeks that I have had fresh fruit almost daily. I kept having visions of fruit pizza dance in my head. So I finally answered the call and made Fruit Pizza. Please be kind and don't drool on your keyboard... it isn't good for it. :-)

I made a cookie dough for it. I admit I made a double batch so I could make a batch of cookies as well. 
The directions told me to just put the dough on the pan (not greased). That made me so nervous. I am really bad about getting everything I put on a pan, STUCK tight. But it worked. LOL!  Unlike traditional pizza you ONLY cook the dough and add the fruit later.  Just don't forget to chill it after the fruit is added.  If you don't the fruit falls off and makes a mess... ask me how I know. Hehe.

The finished product... doesn't that look delicious?  No I am NOT sharing.

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