Monday, May 7, 2012

Fill the Freezer Challenge - Breakfast

Today was the LAST day for the Fill the Freezer in 4 weeks challenge for breakfast.

Today's menu only had 4 different meals. I made 4-6 batches of each.  All total I ended up make 28 different meals. That is awesome. I should be set for breakfast for 2 months!

Started out with getting all the ingredients from the freezer. Took me a while to find the ham. I knew it was in there, but the freezer was not going to give it up easy.  Once I had the ham and cheese dug out I was set. I had no idea that I had so much cheese in my freezer. Good thing because I was worried I did not have enough.

 I cooked 2 pans of eggs at a time for the Breakfast Burritos.  I almost forgot to add the cheese to the egg mixture so I added it to the end. Oops.

  The recipe called for using ½ cup of mixture of the burritos. That is just a little too much. 1/3 cup is a better measurement. Easier to fold the tortilla without the eggs spilling over.

I had a large enough pan to be able to cook 20 burritos at a time. That is 40 total I am so excited. I LOVE breakfast burritos!

I made 5 normal  and 7 mini Broccoli Quiche My son accidentally dropped and broke my glass pie pan this morning. So I had to use the aluminum pan.  When I went to get out the pans for the , I discovered some of the pans had holes.  I just covered them with foil and they worked fine. I did crustless quiche.   Normally I don't use cream, but this time I had some on hand so I did.  YUM YUM.

Another classic breakfast meal is Breakfast Pies. I found the recipe years ago. They are a quick and easy for packing a breakfast bag. :-)  The kids kept wanting to steal them as I was making them this afternoon!

I made a mix for Ina's Granola Bars. I cleaned out the cabinet and used every kind of dried fruit we had. I substituted peanuts for almonds. We are not almond fans. I can't wait to grab a mix and make the granola bars for Sunday's breakfast or snack.

Now all that is left is to label everything and put it in the freezer.  YAY for success. :-)

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