Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Week 2 Day 3 Slaw-mmmm Wraps Kits

Slaw-mmmm Wraps is one of my favorite wraps, but it is a little time consuming. I think I make it a couple times a year. I thought since I had the hummus and chicken already made, I was in good shape to go ahead and make a batch up quickly.

Cooking up the broccoli slaw takes FOREVER.  I had no idea it took that long to cook down.  I thought I would never be done cooking. 

 I intended to make 6 batches, but discovered that 1 head of cabbage would only make me 4 batches. Oops. I also was out of onions. I had no idea.  That won’t work well when I am planning on doing some OAMC for a few week. 

I am making this recipe a kit because I do NOT like soggy tortillas wraps. BLECK!


  1. so, do you wrap these like burritos and freeze them?

  2. No I put them together as a kit. 1 bag of burritos, 1 bag of hummus, and 1 bag of filler. When I go to serve it I just warm them up put them together then. No soggy tortillas that way. I HATE soggy food.


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