Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 2 Day 3 Fill the Freezer

For this day's challenge I choose to make Chicken and Red Bean Enchiladas. I made a kit as you can see.  I mixed several cheese and used the bags the cheese came in. Why throw it away when it is a perfectly sound bag?  When I go to make my enchiladas I will grab a jar of Enchilada sauce out of the pantry and make them up.I have tried to make this recipe with the enchiladas ready made, but they were so soggy later that I decided I would rather a kit to make up the recipe later.

I actually used Turkey in this recipe. I cooked it up ages ago and I was able to throw it in the mixer with the dough hook (a tip from a friend), and it shredded up so nicely. I think that will be my new way of shredded meat!

I think the beans were OUT TO GET ME.  I tried to cook them up for 3 days. Yes, you read that right. 3 days. I finally figured it out. One of my children had pushed buttons on the crock pot and turned it off or on warm. AHHH! When I finally figure that out I was able to cook the beans. AHHHH! Now I have beans for the last 3 meals this week. YAY!

Voila!  My Chicken and Red Bean Enchilada kit ready for the freezer.

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